Renewable Energy

Economic forces drive people to consume energy. While a reduction in energy consumption is a valuable goal, GlobalSense believes that the science, economics, and accessibility of renewable energy is within our reach and investments in local manufacturers, markets and local consumers of renewable energy will help make it a viable alternative.
In Indonesia GlobalSense is working to bring solar energy solutions to three villages in Indonesia to improve their economic opportunities and demonstrate that it is accessible, affordable and worth the initial investment. With an investment in solar panels, it is projected that villagers can make increase their income from local workshops and activity. 
GlobalSense most recently assisted in the installation of solar- and wind- powered seaweed dryers in a small village in East Lombok, Indonesia. This will boost the local economy and produce an exportable product for the community. 

We are no longer taking donations for this project. A future renewable energy project is in consideration. Please contact us with any suggestions!
To learn more about policies that support renewable energy in Indonesia and different green energy options, read this: